Join HU as we are embarking on a new journey!

Join HU as we are embarking on a new journey!

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Yet another week of zoom has passed and we really miss meeting new people… Just the thought of going to a mingle, an introductory fika session or even a movie night seems like a utopian dream for now. Hopefully the time will come soon when we can meet up in groups, share our experiences and thoughts on different sustainably related topics. But unfortunately we are not there yet, and so we have decided to do the next best thing. We are thrilled to announce that we are starting up a weekly blog here on the website in order to keep the discussion going. Here we will invite guest bloggers, do thematic posts on different sustainability topics, feature the people of HU and our working groups and open up the floor for discussions once again. 

Since this is a completely new project we would love it if you could give us some tips on what you would like to read about. Are there any specific guests you think could do an interesting feature, maybe a professor, a friend or even yourself? Is there a sustainability-related topic that you feel is being let out of the discussion in the media, your class, your group of friends or family, let us know about it and hopefully we can cast some light on it. Feel free to comment below, send us an email or contact us via any of our social media channels. We are super grateful for your contribution, and above all happy that you found your way here!

With that said we are excited to start blogging and hope that you are excited to follow us here. While you are patiently waiting for the next post to come we can recommend a visit to our bucket list for inspiration on sustainable living.

Until next time,

The board:)

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