Waste reduction & Recycling

Waste reduction & Recycling

Now that we have established what composting is, let’s talk about the remainder of the waste we generate. 

In order to identify ways to reduce our waste we first need to learn about the different types of waste we generate and segregate it. This is called a ‘waste audit’.

   Source: Saritha Sudhakaran- curator of the Wasteless Project, India

So how do you go about doing this?

Step 1: Ask your family members/roommates if they’re willing to help

Step 2: Set up some space to store at least a month’s dry waste

Step 3: Segregate the different items as you usually would e.g. paper, glass, plastic etc.

Step 4: At the end of the month you will get a rough idea/picture of the waste you generate

Step 5: Try to find alternatives around you

For instance try to…

Go to the store with your cloth bags so you can carry your fruits and veggies in them. 

Or search online for DIY recipes to make your own body creams, soaps and shampoo.

If you live around Lund or Malmö I would highly recommend checking out Sweden’s first package free store Gram, located at Mäster Danielsgatan 3. They have a wide variety of household items including pulses and grains, diapers, glass jars and washing up liquid!

If you live in Lund and rent your room or apartment through AF you can find lots of useful information on how to recycle here. They even have useful videos that explain how the recycling works in their apartment buildings. 

When you cannot reduce or reuse the best option would be to recycle. Recycling is taken seriously in Sweden and you will definitely come across recycling bins in the building you live in. There are even recycling bins located on various street corners.

If you want to test your sorting and packaging-material knowledge then do try out this quiz https://www.forpacman.se/ 

Good luck recycling, we look forward to hearing about your experience!

The featured image is an illustration by  Krizjohn Rosales 

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