Collect & Affect

Today, HU is proud to present its newest working group- Collect & Affect! Hope you guys enjoy their wonderful story. Hi, my name is Noemi Ströhagen and I’m a part…

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Waste reduction & Recycling

Now that we have established what composting is, let’s talk about the remainder of the waste we generate.  In order to identify ways to reduce our waste we first need…

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International Women’s Day 2021

Today is international women’s day and we are celebrating it by highlighting some of the women that inspire us the most and who #choosetochallenge. Since we think this is one…

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Embrace your waste

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Hi there, are you up for getting a bit dirty and smelly with HU? Both this week and the next we have some waste-treats for you ... So please don’t…

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Food Saving Lund

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Food saving Lund (FSL) began as a group of volunteers in the town of Lund in the south of Sweden. At FSL, they try to reduce food waste by joining forces with various shops to pick up food that would otherwise be thrown away and distribute it among the community or store it in food banks. They give importance to community activation, personal connections, organise workshops and events to spread awareness at the grassroot level regarding the challenges of food waste. And thus in the process FSL has managed to save 8000 kilograms of food over the last one year alone!

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