Guidelines for Sustainfables


This is HU first round of sustainable short stories. Each week, we are going to publish a short story written by one of you, edited by one of our editors and paired with a drawing done by an illustrator specifically for the short story!

The stories you send us have to be loosely related to sustainability or the environment but, apart from that, you have carte blanche! Make us shiver, laugh, think, write something weird, something naughty, whatever tickles your imagination!


The theme of the call: “Bees”. Stories have to be loosely related to this theme. We favour creative ways to interpret it;)

Characters limit 20’000 characters. We value quality over quantity.

The document has to be a word file named Surname_Title_Date. Send us your short story at paired with a small biography/description of yourself. As soon as we read it, we are going to let you know whether we will publish it (eventually, after our editors did some corrections).

This association is against any form of discrimination against gender, “race”, sexual identity and so on. If you have “strong opinions” on these topics please send your work to other places.

Deadline: Monday 2 May