Place your assets sustainably

As a student you might not have that many assets, but you can still send signals to the financial sector that the customers want sustainable options by asking for this. Contact your bank and insurance company and request sustainable services and for your money to be invested in environmentally good places. 

If you do have some savings, maybe a car or a start of a pension, make these assets speak for sustainability. 

Choose an environmentally good insurance

If you have a car or a house, you can choose to insure these in an environmentally good way by choosing the label “Bra miljöval”. Both Folksam and WaterCircles offer this, so change your insurance and make sure you tell your previous insurance company why you’re doing so. Unfortunately there is no insurance company that offers life, travel or other insurances with the environmentally good label. Question the reason behind this by contacting your insurance company so that they find out that this is something their customers want. 


Change to an environmentally sustainable pension


If you have started working, you have probably also started saving for your pension. If you log in at you can see where your preemie pension is placed. If you want to change fond you can do this by login in to Pensionsmyndigheterna. Here you can filter the choices of fonds to sustainable ones.  

If you feel unsure which fond to choose, you can read more here what to think about when choosing a fond.


Choose an environmentally sustainable bank

Your bank is most likely investing some of your savings in fossil fuels. Do you really want that? Have a look at  Fair Finance Guide to see how your bank is handling the environmental issues. You can have an impact on where your money goes by choosing a bank that invest environmentally sustainably rather than the opposite. In Sweden there are two banks with this sustainability focus, Ekobanken and JAK. Unfortunately they don’t offer services like swish or card, yet, which means that you would need to have a bank account somewhere else as well. However, if you have a savings account you can transfer this to one of the green banks, the more customers they get, the sooner they will be able to provide all those other services we need. If you do change your bank, make sure to tell your old bank why you did so.