Talk more about sustainability

We can no longer go about our daily life and pretend like this climate crisis doesn’t exist. It’s scary how easy it is to live unsustainably today without even be reminded of the causes of our actions. It shouldn’t be considered normal to still fly across the world for our own pleasure or to throw away our perfectly fine phone only because the new release is out. We can change this normality by talking about sustainability. 

Conversation starters

Get the conversation started. It is ok if your close ones don’t share your point of view of sustainability, you don’t need to defend sustainability. Starting the discussion and listening to their opinions while also letting them know about yours is truly more important. Some tips of how to start the conversation is to watch movies about sustainability with your friends and family, share news when they occur and invite them over on a sustainably inspiring meal or to join you on demonstrations. 


How to converse

There are several aspects within sustainability conversation that is good to know and learn how to deal with. In what way can we discuss with people who think that technologies will come in and save us and how do we deal with indiference, ruler techniques or climate deniers? 

There are free available courses offered by Klimatprata which will give you help on how to talk about sustainability. 

You can also join our own talking sessions where we go through different interesting topics related to sustainability.