The Green Christmas!!

We love Christmas! We actually love many traditions and respect the importance of culture. We really don’t want to see our beloved traditions or cultures fade away, which is why we think it is important that they can adjust through time. As our societies evolve and as the climate change gets worse and more urgent, our behaviour has to change with it. Our traditions need to adapt to the situation we are in. Let’s ask for a green christmas this year! 

Wish list

Have a look at our sustainable free time to get inspired by the endless of experiences you could gift this chirstmas. 

One thing most people find really valuable in life is time. Gifting some of your time could both mean setting aside some time for you to share with the person you care about or letting this person save some time of their own with your help. This could be gifts like: 

  • Being a babysitter for an evening 
  • Doing the grocery shopping for a week 
  • Changing tires of their car 
  • Taking a day of from work to spend the entire day with the person you want 
  • Cooking a nice dinner 

Instead of buying something that might not come to use, make a donation to the ones that need it the most. Perhaps there is something special that your friend or family member will be very happy to have helped. 


Here you can see how to make plant cuttings easily so that you can share this popular gift with your friends. 

Check out our list of reusable items to get inspired of what sustainable items you can gift this year. 

Home made gifts just allows for more heart behind the gift at the same time as you save resources. Have a look at our DIY list to get inspired. 

These types of items are really easy to find in a secondhand store. Perhaps you have a book or puzzle at home that you’ve finished and think your family member would enjoy. There are many books that will actually help your loved ones in their own journey to sustainability like vegan/vegeterian/zerowaste cookbooks. You can also have a look at different books and audio books about sustainability here

First and foremost, it is the thought that counts. There are numerous ways you can surprise your friend or family with really cute and thouthful gifts without having a negative impact on the environment. Use your skills, whether that is art, music or a good memory. 

  • Self-written poem or song
  • A jar filled with good wishes/memories

Christmas cooking & baking


The traditional christmas dinner (vegan style). The good thing about christmas dinners is that they usually are home made. Cooking the food from scratch avoids unnecessary supplements and packaging. It also gives you the opertunity to buy local and organic ingridients! So cook with love and choose the best, most healthy and environmentally friendy ingredients.  

Here is all recipes you need to complete your vegan traditional Swedish christmas dinner: 


By baking your own cookies, candies and sweets you get the benifits mentioned above, but you also avoid products with palm oil and hense help to save our vulnerable and so important rainforests. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose fairtrade, organic and/or vegan chocolate whenever you can.  

Here you will find recipes to our favourite christmas sweets 

Gingerbread cookies 
Rocky Road




Even though it might be nice and joyful to go a bit “overboard” on the christmas spirit, we must not forget that it is our planets recources we are going overboard with. Use these tips to ease the load on the planet while still enjoying the beauty of christmas decorations. 

  • Buy your decoration secondhand  
  • DIY decoration
  • Choose LED lights for your christmas lights and put them on a timer 
  • Choose a wildly grown Swedish “rödgran” or a KRAV-labeled locally produced christmas tree. Or even better choose a christmas tree planted in a pot which you later can replant again to avoid it going to waste and omiting greenhouse gases. Do not buy a plastic tree! It might seem sustainable but it is not. 
  • Choose Svanen-labeled candles