Minimize & correctly dipose of waste

So much trash ends up in our nature and our ocean as humans deal with them rather recklessly. Here are a bunch of tips on how you can contribute to minimize this. 

Invest in reusable items


There are sooo many ways to which you can minimize your waste. Start with investing in a few products which are otherwise disposable items:

  • A bag which you can bring to the supermarket 
  • A water bottle (in metal or glas)
  • A coffee thermo cup 
  • Beewax wraps 
  • Reusable baking sheet 
  • Reusable straws (if you usually want a straw)
  • Fabric napkins
  • Rechargable batteries
  • Lady products (menstrual cup and fabric pads)
  • Washable tops and makeup removal pads 
  • Washable cleaning clothes
  • A sodastream (if sparkling water or soda is something you regularly drink)

Avoid packages

Avoid packages by buying your food and products loose, unpacked at stores like GRAM or on open markets. Even in regular supermarkets you can choose options with less packaging like loose tea instead of teabags. You can also avoid useless paper by making your mail digital and getting your receipts online. 



It is not easy to completely avoid waste and therefore it is also important to discard of it in a sustainable manner.  Most living areas have a complete recycle area close to the homes. If you however live in an area that doesn’t, contact your landlord or municipallity and ask for one. If you can influence your neighbors to do so as well the chance of getting one will increase. To make life a whole lot easier for yourself, create a recycle station in your kitchen. If you feel unsure about how to correctly recycle you can have a look at these videos (swedish only) or look through this more detailed guide.